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We're Civics Centered, your personal community and social impact advisor. 

Civics Centered believes that governmental change, policy change, and advocacy should be in the hands of the masses, not the few. We strive to work with nonprofits, community partners, and businesses to form comprehensive community and social impact plans as we collectively bring about sustainable, long-term changes for the betterment of all. 



Each client is unique. Below is a summary of some of the services Civics Centered offers! Please schedule a consultation call to learn how we can help you and your organization! 


Community & Social Impact Strategy

You have the power to create change in the world; let's tap into it!

Regardless of size or location, organizations play an essential role in shaping the future of society. Let us help you find how to put your mission and vision into action and better the world around you! 

We will help your organization implement social enterprise and sustainable business practices and discover ways to leverage your organization's power for good. 

Colleagues Working Together

Strategic Planning & Organizational Management

A sound team with action-driven plans will yield results

We are here to ensure you and your organization are strong from the inside out. Let us help you redefine success and create an internal plan and infrastructure for your organization to flourish.  


 Policy Strategy & Action Plans

Policy and community action are our love language.

We help create and advance your advocacy and policy objectives. This may look like deepening relationships with policymakers for the state and local levels of government, to Capitol Hill, or community leaders who are shaping their backyards without elected titles.  It may also include, taking a macro look at your organization to refine strategies and tactics, or to develop and make policy and advocacy recommendations that advance your goals.

We Can Facilitate Your Success With:

  • Community-Engaged Research

  • Assessment Tools

  • Program Development

  • Communications

  • Political Campaign Consulting & Strategy

  • Community Relations

  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement

  • Political and Policy Reporting & Monitoring

  • Programmatic Initiatives

  • Financial Planning

  • Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

  • Theory of Change & System Design

  • Public Policy

  • Social Stance Advisory

  • Public Policy Strategies

  • Strategic Advocacy

  • Policy Research

  • Public Relations & Strategic Communications

  • Qualitative Program Evaluation

What Can We Do For You?

At Civics Centered, we sculpt plans for success custom to each client. Whether you want to influence major state legislation, empower local policy change, mobilize a community, do outreach, or put your mission and vision into action, we are here for you!

It's time for you to put your organization's values to work, and we are here to help!

Book a Consultation

Let's turn your passion into action! Book a 30-minute consultation today!

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