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Photo of Denver Supinger

Skilled Community & Social Impact Advocacy Professional with over 10 Years of Experience

Founder and Lead Principal at Civics Centered, Denver Supinger has over a decade of experience working with local and state community organizations, nonprofits, leaders, and governments. She started her career creating the City of Richmond's first water and sewer bill financial relief program. She has since worked a public safety and transportation portfolio in the largest County in the Commonwealth of Virginia, headed a legislative office in the Virginia General Assembly, led the diversity and fair practices programs for a national union, led political campaigns and groups, and lobbied for a nation-wide education nonprofit.

Some of Denver's proudest victories include creating an updated state-wide hospital response framework for domestic and sexual assault survivors and creating anti-racism and DEI training for a national organization where hundreds of members were trained on how allies and advocates.

Our Values

Civics Centered is an inclusive, future-thinking, solutions-focused organization. Everyone can be an agent of change. We use our in-house expertise to further each client's goals and hopes for the future. Our values-led approach ensures that our clients have a world-class experience.


We at Civics Centered are boldly tenacious. We are fierce, determined, and persistent. We bring a sense of tenacity to all our works and are unafraid to think and act outside the box.


We are only as strong as our community. Civics Centered is dedicated to connecting all clients with a community of support and strength.


Progress is at the center of all that we do. Civics Centered is dedicated to progressing the vision and goals of all its clients to help them achieve a better future. 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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